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About the 😻 showcase category

show off projects and post release announcements! let’s celebrate our work!

This is the place to talk about packages in the npm registry. Tell us about the latest and greatest! What’s cool? What’s popular? What’s that fun weekend project you just published?

While everyone can see and reply to existing topics, posting new topics is a perk for users with trust level 2 and above. Thanks for your participation!

@zkat Are we supposed to post a comment on this thread or start a new thread? Because I am unable to create a new thread even though I gained “Basic” badge (trust level 1).

sorry, I’ve clarified: that’s a TL2+ perk. I’ve updated the OP and the Trust Levels post with that detail. :slight_smile:

How can I start a tread? I cannot

@fega, you have to be Trust Level 2 or above to post in #community:showcase. See Trust Levels in for more information.