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I could see at least one guy use Brazilian Portuguese (on the Introduce yourself) topic. And i realize, that i couldn’t see any police about language to use. I know some level of English, but for those don’t? What can be done?

About my native language i could help on my limitations but I am here willing to that.

I assume English will generally be a lingua franca in this space, but I have no interest in forcing anyone to use a specific language. I can read pt-BR and write it a little, along with es-PR, and some other languages, and I’m happy to use machine translation to try and suss out what people are trying to say.

The downside of using a language other than English is that fewer people will be able to interact with you, but if you don’t feel like you can say what you want to say in English? Just post it in your native language and we’ll figure something out. No promises, though.

For me isn’t a problem. I can read well and write too, sometimes with some mistakes gramatically or misspelling or typo, but i think that i will be fine.
I only point this out, like I said because a post in pt-br i saw.
This case is closed to me if this isn’t a problem for you or the community.