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formal bug reports for the npm CLI, website, or registry go here!

NOTE: If you’re reporting a security-related issue, please email security@npmjs.com instead!

This forum is only for specific bugs, not general support. To figure out why something isn’t working if you’re not sure it’s a bug, please post in the support category instead. Bug reports that ignore the provided bug template will be moved to #support unless they’re fixed. Please don’t ignore the templates!

Before you post, make sure you search the forum for similar issues. Also check whether there’s already a post marked as a solution. You can add ?solved=yes/no to the URL to filter by whether bugs are solved or not.

We triage bugs as they come in. Having the #triaged tag means we’ve looked at it and applied a priority to it. Priority levels are only visible to staff, and we might take private notes to ourselves on the issue, and sometimes make a regular reply or ask for more details.

Want to help us fix bugs? Take a look at the help-wanted and good-first-patch tags and see if anything looks interesting!

file:../ dependencies does not work with peerDependencies