Ability to change the default package and version in semver calculator via URL

When using the semver calculator (https://semver.npmjs.com/), it always loads package “lodash” and range “1.x”, and it is not able to recognize any URL parameters, hash or query string.

I would like to see a new option that allows the initial package and version to be specified (probably via hash because the current implementation in bundle.js indicates that the package detail is loaded client-side, not server-side), like: https://semver.npmjs.com/#package=my-package&version=*

The reason behind this idea: I’d like to include a semver calculator along with the instruction on using my frontend package via UNPKG/jsDelivr, to allow users to construct their own src URLs with ease. The semver calculator does have the capability to highlight versions that would be matched by a given version range, which is good. However, users would have to enter the package name manually every time. A URL with package name already included would be helpful in this case, which is unfortunately not possible at the moment.