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6.8.0-next.2 update leads to webpack:/components/Html.js errors

After updating to npm version 6.8.0-next.2 I observe following errors on running React app:

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘string’ of undefined
at Module…/components/Html.js (/Users/orwell/explorer/build/client/webpack:/components/Html.js:44:20)

No changes in code whatsoever.
Please help.

edit - changed to #support

This may be a #support question rather than #bugs, which is for bugs in npm itself and has a template to follow to supply the necessary information.

I’ll ask you one of the first questions in the template to clarify though: what command are you running?

(In particular, are you running an npm command or are you running your application? If it is npm, it will help if you supply the other information from the template with npm debug log and versions and platform please.)

The errors above are errors of the application itself being run by npx pm2 start command - code is at

There are other errors as well File Users/orwell/explorer/build/client/server.js does exist so I’m baffled that webpack(?) can’t see is.

(Some info and ideas, but no answers.)

I was not able to reproduce with a fresh install of explorer and upgrading npm.

You can take npm out of the equation by running pm2 directly:

./node_modules/.bin/pm2 start

What version of node do you have?

You could try a fresh build in case something gone awry (not based on knowledge of the package, just from finding there was a build script and running it to try your command):

npm run build