404 Not Found - PUT https://registry.npmjs.org/@divdot%2ffrontend-shared - Not found

I am unable to publish to my private np package.

It was working before the weeknd and all the sudden is turning @divdot/frontend-shared, into @divdot%2ffrontend-shared.

I have not changed anything.

my config output

metrics-registry = "https://registry.npmjs.org/"
scope = ""
user-agent = "npm/6.10.1 node/v10.16.0 darwin x64"

; node bin location = /Users/matthew/.nvm/versions/node/v10.16.0/bin/node
; cwd = /Users/matthew/divdot/front-end-shared/shared
; HOME = /Users/matthew
; "npm config ls -l" to show all defaults.```

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