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On-demand aliasing on install [💡 ideas] (3)
Feature request: Support for multiple production environments in package.json [💡 ideas] (1)
enhance profile page to allow account owner to order his packages at will [💡 ideas] (1)
global package.json for npm-audit and dotfiles usage [💡 ideas] (1)
npmjs copied to clipboard dropdown [💡 ideas] (2)
Separate node_modules directories per "*Dependencies" [💡 ideas] (1)
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Running npm ci without deleting old node_modules folder #20104 [💡 ideas] (3)
Installing dependency under a custom name fails silently [💡 ideas] (4)
Allow a configurable vuln level to make `npm audit` fail [💡 ideas] (11)
Add a link to a user profile when viewing a scoped package on the website [💡 ideas] (2)
"introduced in" information within docs [💡 ideas] (2)
Create "org pages" on npmjs.com [💡 ideas] (7)
can't share node_modules with local dependency [💡 ideas] (3)
Please support --production or --only=production in npm audit [💡 ideas] (5)
Sandboxing npm packages [💡 ideas] (1)
It's odd that `npm publish` prompts for a 2FA on failure, but `npm dist-tag` doesn't. [💡 ideas] (5)
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Interactive tool to manage audit findings - npm audit resolve [💡 ideas] (15)