💡 ideas

CLI arguments should take precedence over `package.json#publishConfig` [💡 ideas] (2)
Feature request: ask when overwriting package during publishing [💡 ideas] (1)
Allow `npm install` to work with missing dependencies [💡 ideas] (2)
Merge npm-run-all into npm [💡 ideas] (1)
Ratified RFCs of the week [📜 RFCs] (1)
December ratified RFCs [📜 RFCs] (1)
`npm run` output (without args) should ignore loglevel [💡 ideas] (1)
https://docs.npmjs.com/cli/access.html [📜 RFCs] (3)
postupdate hook does not work [💡 ideas] (1)
Command to update all packages from same namespace [💡 ideas] (1)
Creating a npm audit xml report [📜 RFCs] (3)
Impossible to update single package without updating its dependencies [💡 ideas] (9)
Change how npm update edits package.json [📜 RFCs] (2)
Suggest that `npm publish` also update the cache [💡 ideas] (1)
install/uninstall command wrapped into one [💡 ideas] (1)
Sandboxing npm packages [💡 ideas] (9)
Support multiple targets, including platform- and architecture-specific targets [📜 RFCs] (2)
There needs to be a way to denote OS-specific dependencies [💡 ideas] (3)
npm ci: check for matching between package-lock.json and package.json before removing node_modules [💡 ideas] (6)
Registry: add full names to maintainer data [💡 ideas] (1)
Make npm i --no-save default when there is no argument [💡 ideas] (6)
Fix (or avoid) mixed-content issue for package description [💡 ideas] (1)
Feature Request: prepare script that does not run before publish [💡 ideas] (4)
Better to show the pkg.description in the package page [💡 ideas] (1)
New npm link command [📜 RFCs] (1)
Replace var with let/const [💡 ideas] (7)
npm audit (without --fix) ignores --only=prod [💡 ideas] (7)
Please provide a way to check if a name is available [💡 ideas] (12)
Ability to add own global sub commands to npm CLI [💡 ideas] (1)
The info about the publisher is missing in email notifications [💡 ideas] (1)