🐞 bugs

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npm ls fails if non-module files/directories exist in node_modules directory (5)
`npm ddp` results in "error with npm itself" (4)
Android 8 farm.js bug (2)
npmjs.com does not show dependency graph for private scoped packages (2)
npm audit returns error code E400 when dependency has empty string instead of version number (2)
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Problem with Peer Dependencies and linked dependencies (1)
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why I can't star package whose name starts with '@' (5)
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npmjs broken details page for package flatmap-stream (2)
npm-lifecycle produces "Possible EventEmitter memory leak detected" when running multiple dependencies' post-install scripts (5)
Npm audit returns Bad Request (error 400) for GitHub dependencies which are required by other dependencies - draft-js example (5)
Installing dependencies fails when a file: dependency requires @babel/preset-env (5)
Incorrect behavior for dependency via path, with package-lock.json definition (1)
Bug - error cb() never called (Windows 10 Pro 1709) (4)
NPM 6.4.1 strips 'main' field from package.json during install (3)
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npm publish broken for all windows users (3)
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Package counter at npmjs.com doesn't show the real package number (3)
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