🐞 bugs

Can’t install scoped packages – E401 Unauthorized ( 2 ) (25)
Older version publication dates are incorrect (1)
npm audit fails with ENOAUDIT on 500 response (6)
npm breaks publish-packed: missing package.jsons (4)
NPM produces a lot of WARN message when used over NFS (8)
npmjs broken details page for package flatmap-stream (3)
Most depended on packages broken from offset 180 on (1)
npm link: Unhandled rejection RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded (2)
npm "unsupported Node version" warning gives nonsensical advice (3)
Can't add collaborators using `site` and `CLI` (1)
npm ERR! Unexpected end of JSON input while parsing (4)
Dev only (--only=dev) install fails when module is a dependency of multiple places (3)
AGPL-3.0-only license not recognized (2)
npm-config ignores git entry (2)
Cant change password, but can restore from email (2)
npmjs.org package pages are missing percent-encoding for keyword hyperlinks (1)
"npm list errors on 5.6.0 with optional dependencies not installed " (2)
some of optionalDependencies dependencies are remvoved after prune (1)
npm ci produces a tonn of excess warnings on install (1)
npm ERR! code Z_BUF_ERROR npm ERR! errno -5 npm ERR! zlib: unexpected end of file (1)
npm link - Scoped Packages Autocompletion not working (1)
TypeError: Cannot read property 'tslib' of undefined on npm install (1)
Bug when installing packet via ssh and password protected private key! (1)
"npm install --save-optional" fails to properly modify package/package-lock.json if it fails (1)
Github images in readme are broken on npmjs (1)
Scripts docs mangled (4)
npm install is removing scoped packages (3)
Always Reproducible "Maximum call stack size exceeded" npm install error (13)
maxsockets flag ignored, cntlm proxy hangs because of too many requests (2)
Install from private repo using cafile and strict-ssl FAILS when encountering repository dependency (3)