🐞 bugs

"0BSD" license should be a valid SPDX license expression (5)
Npm website content overflow problem (1)
junction/symlink becomes file by `npm config edit` on Windows (1)
`npm link package@version` runs postinstall scripts instead of just symlinking (3)
npm prune --production (after npm ci only) erroneously uninstalls regular dependency (8)
Latest Mac can't install any packge globally, 6.7.0 (2)
packages with peerDependencies are incorrectly hoisted (7)
sometimes install incorrectly skips "optional dependency" that isn't optional (1)
npm6: npm show errors with "Cannot read property '1.0.0' of undefined' (1)
ETXTBSY: text file is busy (5)
opencv4nodejs not installing in MAC OS Mojave 10.14 (4)
Error installing package (2)
Problem installing depcheck with NPM@6.7.0 (4)
npm install failing when installing mixture of scoped, bundled, shrinkwrapped packages (3)
Bumping the version number happens at different moments in `package.json` and `package-lock.json` (1)
npm 6.8.0-next.0 regression in maximally flat install (6)
update error cb() never called! (5)
All npm run <command> fails for large package.json (1)
npm token gives E401 since 6.6.0 (4)
NPM 6.6.0 Breaks Access to `ls-collaborators` (5)
npm ci fails with transitive local packages (5)
Unhandled rejection Error: EISDIR: illegal operation on a directory (4)
noproxy setting with more than one hostname? (6)
Couldn't install or uninstall anything with `event-stream@3.3.6` in the tree (3)
npm ci and optional packages (8)
Dependency of private module not installed (3)
npm ERR! cb() never called! thrown error (3)
npm install --only=prod --verbose please do not pre fetch devDependencies (4)
npm access 2fa-required for scoped packages returns 500 error (1)
Local module not installed on windows (2)