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Release: npm@6.4.0-next.0 (1)

A new prerelease of the npm cli has been tagged! You can install it with npm i -g npm@next or try it out with npx npm@next … Prereleases are promoted to latest after a week if no serious issues stop them. Please give…

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Release: npm@6.8.0 (3)
Release: npm@6.9.1-next.0 (1)
Release: npm@6.9.0 (1)
Release: npm@6.9.0-next.0 (4)
Announcing npm Enterprise and why it matters to the community! (3)
Release: npm@6.8.0-next.2 (1)
Release: npm@6.8.0-next.0 (1)
Release: npm@6.7.0 (1)
Release: npm@6.5.0 (1)
Release: npm@6.6.0-next.0 (1)
Release: npm@6.6.0-next.1 (1)
Release: npm@6.6.0 (1)
npm's 2018 JavaScript Ecosystem Survey (1)
npm weekly #174: Interpreting the 2018 State of JavaScript survey, our take on the `event-stream` incident, and a new teammate (1)
Release: npm@6.5.0-next.0 (1)
meta: Enabled voting plugin (1)
New category: #development! (1)
npm weekly #166: October is National Cyber Security Awareness month, we’re still hiring, and we’ll be at Node.js Interactive next week! (2)
npm weekly #165: We’re hiring 7 new roles, NSP shuts down this Sunday, and videos from ScotlandJS (3)
npm weekly #163: Introducing tink, visit npm.community’s showcase 🏆 and Rails Girls Summer of Code ☀️ (2)
npm weekly #161: npm and Capital One chat, last chance to apply for our SRE spot, plus npm.community news! (1)
Release: npm@6.4.1 (2)
npm weekly #160: New security features for npmjs.com, chatting with the TalkScript podcast, plus a video on how npm does design (1)
Release: npm@6.4.1-next.0 (2)
npm weekly #159: Catch our Cloud Next ’18 keynote, we’re hiring again, and five things you might not know about npm (1)
Release: npm@6.4.0 (2)
npm weekly #158: New security advisories, reflecting on ScotlandJS, and a Teacup update! (1)
:rainbow_flag: npm Pride shirts now available! (1)