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Release: npm@6.4.0-next.0 (1)

A new prerelease of the npm cli has been tagged! You can install it with npm i -g npm@next or try it out with npx npm@next … Prereleases are promoted to latest after a week if no serious issues stop them. Please give…

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Release: npm@6.5.0 (1)
Release: npm@6.6.0-next.0 (1)
Release: npm@6.6.0-next.1 (1)
Release: npm@6.6.0 (1)
npm's 2018 JavaScript Ecosystem Survey (1)
npm weekly #174: Interpreting the 2018 State of JavaScript survey, our take on the `event-stream` incident, and a new teammate (1)
Release: npm@6.5.0-next.0 (1)
meta: Enabled voting plugin (1)
New category: #development! (1)
npm weekly #166: October is National Cyber Security Awareness month, we’re still hiring, and we’ll be at Node.js Interactive next week! (2)
npm weekly #165: We’re hiring 7 new roles, NSP shuts down this Sunday, and videos from ScotlandJS (3)
npm weekly #163: Introducing tink, visit npm.community’s showcase 🏆 and Rails Girls Summer of Code ☀️ (2)
npm weekly #161: npm and Capital One chat, last chance to apply for our SRE spot, plus npm.community news! (1)
Release: npm@6.4.1 (2)
npm weekly #160: New security features for npmjs.com, chatting with the TalkScript podcast, plus a video on how npm does design (1)
Release: npm@6.4.1-next.0 (2)
npm weekly #159: Catch our Cloud Next ’18 keynote, we’re hiring again, and five things you might not know about npm (1)
Release: npm@6.4.0 (2)
npm weekly #158: New security advisories, reflecting on ScotlandJS, and a Teacup update! (1)
:rainbow_flag: npm Pride shirts now available! (1)
Release: npm@6.2.0-next.0 (1)
npm Weekly #153: v6.2.0 is on deck, we welcome Jake Friedenberg to the team and Katie Fenn chats on Pursuit Podcast (1)
Moving from Github issues to npm.community (1)
npm joins TC39, the JavaScript standard committee! (1)
npm Weekly #154: We’ve moved to npm.community, npm joins ECMA International and TC39, and we introduce you to Roland Fang! (1)
npm weekly #152: JavaScript by industry, Pride shirts still available, and a wombat selfie (1)
npm weekly #155: Beta test 2FA for individual packages today, npm is at ScotlandJS, and join the conversation at npm.community! (1)
npm weekly #156: Catch our keynote live at Google Cloud Next ’18, Meet the TAG in Seattle, and new npm socks! (1)